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    Squelching negative threads


      Hi there. We had a question that was posted in our closed, client community three weeks ago that had a very negative tone and pointed to some perceived flaws in one particular feature of our product. It was responded to by our support manager with follow up comments by our Product Management Director to address the complaint and discuss improvements that are upcoming on our roadmap. It continues to get views and comments, which is fine, but it has been at the top of our daily updates email that is sent to our community members for three weeks now.


      I have no intention of deleting this post, as I feel it's important for our clients to feel they have a voice and that we welcome their feedback. However, I really want it out of the daily updates email. Is there a way for me to do this? We don't have a ton of activity on the community right now, due to the slow summer season, so there are not a ton of other trending posts within our community to push this one down. Suggestions?

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          The voice of the vocal minority outshines that of the silent majority.  This happens on our community alot as well. I've often wondered if I could use structured outcomes and secretively mark the discussion as "outdated" until it cools off, then switch it back.


          Marking Options for Top-level Items


          We'd have to better understand how Jive determines what is trending to know what's possible.


          The good news is that you guys properly addressed it internally, so I doubt users will view this thread in a negative manner.

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              Thanks for your input, Michael. Totally agree that this is one of the risks of having a community. 


              Marking the discussion came up in a discussion with one of my colleagues yesterday, but I'm hesitant to do, as I'm afraid of it drawing more attention to the discussion or getting the customer who started the conversation more upset than he already is. I agree it's not clear how Jive determines what is trending, so I'd welcome input from someone at Jive on this.


              In the meantime, I opened a support ticket to see if we can prevent it from being pulled into any further digest emails. And I'm working on posting more content to drive interest in other discussions and materials.




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                  This is a really interesting question.


                  Anyone from Jive have thoughts on this?  It would be nice to have some "levers" to pull to move certain content out of trending until it "cools" off a bit.




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                      Billy Volpone

                      Very true Jamie and quite an interesting case. Curious to see what action was taken last year on this. I personally like the structured outcome ideas, but I'd probably first reach out to said author to ask them about it. If not that, potentially a quick edit/change of the title of the discussion to make it more constructive. Not sure what the current title was, but maybe something that told the story a bit better, and was potentially less negative, could have been agreed upon. But again, would need more context.

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                  I don't know if this comes into play since we don't use them much at the moment in our community, but if you mark it you may want to test first with some other content to make sure an email is not sent out about the structured outcome status changing.  If so, you may want to temporarily insert a broken token in the structured outcomes email template to prevent it from drawing more attention.