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    Can't publish images




      When I publish content, images I have dragged and dropped into the content disappear. Is this a known issue?


      I found a related discussion about this, but my image file does not have any special characters (only letters, actually) in its name



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          Hi Mark,


          I have run through a couple of local tests, however was able to insert and publish a document with a "drag and drop" image. For example:


          As such I would suggest the following as next steps:


          1. Does this work as expected if a different browser or latest version of the browser you are seeing this in is used?

          2. If you disable any add-on/extensions installed in your browser does this allow the feature to work as expected?


          If this does not resolve the behavior I would recommend submitting a case in your customer group here in the community and provide the answers to the above 2 questions along with:


          - Does this appear to be limited to a specific machine, or are all/most users at your location seeing this behavior?

          - Is the behavior limited to a specific file extension (PNG for example) or do you see the behavior with all image extensions?



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