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    How can I disable status levels?


      Every time there is a system update, the status levels are enabled but I need to disable them. I tried going to People/Setting/Status Level Settings and I don't see the disable button.

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          Hi Mariana,


          If you are running a Jive 8 instance, then, as an admin user of your instance you should see the option available in your admin console >> people >> settings >> status level settings.


          Or if you are running a Jive Cloud instance, this feature should no longer be present in your instance as it was replaced by either the Rewards feature (Rewards ) or Adv Gamification module (Jive Gamification, Engagement, and Rewards ). However, it's possible there is a misconfiguration with one of these services causing the status level system to appear. If this is the behavior you are seeing please submit a case in your customer group as a next step where a member of our support team can assist in reviewed the specific configuration of your instance.