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    Fine tuning of the http maxthread parameter




      We are currently doing high traffic load testings on our on-prem instance.

      We found that increasing the webapp.http_maxthreads parameter from 40 to 60 improves the performance of the front nodes.

      This value seems to correspond to the Tomcat maxThreads parameter. According to the Tomcat official documentation (Apache Tomcat 7 Configuration Reference (7.0.70) - The HTTP Connector ), this parameter is normally set to 200 by default.


      What I would like to know is why Jive sets this value to 40 by default (and not 200) ?

      Is there any issue of increasing this parameter in Jive?

      What would be the maximum value ?


      Many thanks,



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          Hello Andre Barbosa,


          You helped us installing our on-prem instance, maybe you could help us answering this ?



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              Hi David, this number of threads is the reflection of several internal performance/load tests using vanilla Jive instances on "standard" hardware, as described in the Performance Whitepaper.


              This value can be increased of course and there is no hard limit as such. However, please bear in mind that a higher number of threads will also mean a higher load on all other resources of the web app nodes (e.g. RAM, CPU) and all other nodes (e.g. DB, Storage, etc). You can increase this number and repeat load tests until a value which is able to handle the desired requests without degrading the response times and overall resources utilisation.


              Increasing the number of web app nodes might be a better approach to scale Jive, as long as the underlying dependencies (e.g. DB, Storage, Network) are also able to handle the traffic increase. Hope this helps. Thanks.

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              Many thanks for your answer.


              We've already seen that increasing the maxthread from 40 to 60 improves the CPU usage of the front nodes.

              We have 2 front nodes with 8 Go of total memory and 4Go allocated to the JVM.

              We are currently testing with maxthread=80 and I'll let you know the results.


              Cheers !