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    JiveX integration with NetSuite and Customer Portals


      Hey JiveX Community Members,


      I have a questions that I hope someone out there can answer.  Our JiveX community has been operational for almost a year and we have see some great success with it.  We use it primarily to allow our customers to interact and collaborate and ask questions about our Mobile Supply Chain software which we develop, sell and support.  We primarily use our community as a forums tools.  We have a desire to extend the use of the community to provide a more complete customer portal for our community members. Our ERP system is NetSuite and in NS our customers project information, open service requests, project documentation and other project related information is found there.  So with that background, what I'd like to ask this body is, has anyone ever integrated their JiveX community with NS to display customer relevant data within JiveX to create a customer portal, and if so can you explain how and what difficulties you ran into?


      If you need any additional details please let me know,


      Thanks in advance for you consideration and input.



      Shawn Vadnais | Director of Customer Success | DSI


      Erin Haines Neil Kulbiski