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    Profile overview location country question

    Ian Anderson

      Dear All,

      A colleague of mine David Gibson (English but working at our plant outside Chicago) has noticed since the 2016.2 upgrade and Profile Evolution,  that his profile location is listed as the United Kingdom even though his edit profile and preferences locale choices all appear to state the USA. Is this an "update quirk" and something for Jive or something else within his set-up?

      Any suggestions?

      Cheers, Ian


      DG profile.JPG

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          Thanks for the screenshot. I have not seen this issue in  2016.2 environments so it can be difficult to determine the root cause. To allow support to review David's profile I would recommend creating a case in your private support group (aka MyJive Group). This will allow support to review Davids user properties and the global profile settings and further investigate the issue.



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