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    Uploading photos


      I am having trouble uploading photos- Jive platform keeps telling me the images are too large, though the image properties are much, much smaller than error size limit states (e.g. limit is 4.8828125 MB and my photo is 4 KB). What could be going on?

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          Libby Taylor

          Hey Laura Ostenso

          This sounds like the type of support question that should really be posted in the Jive Training and Support Resources place. If you post your question there, we have a guarantee that someone will get to answering it or it will be converted into a case/support ticket.


          Please provide as many details as you can in your question as well, such as:

          • What product are you using? (jive platform, version ...)
          • Are you using the mobile app to post a picture?
          • Are you trying to post the image using Jive Daily?




          FYI Emilie Kopp

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            Hi Laura,


            Reviewing through your inquiry I would recommend submitting a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community for further investigation by the next available member of our support team. When creating the case if you could please include the following it should assist them with their investigation:


            1. A copy of an image which displays the error

            2. Does it appear to be limited to a specific file type (.jpg for example)?

            3. Is the behavior limited to a specific browser/version?

            4. Are other users seeing this behavior in your instance, or does it appear to be limited to your account?



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                Hi- Unfortunately, the steps posted by Helen (below) didn't work. I still cannot attached images within posts on my Jive site. (Although I can here!)


                1&2. This is the error. I tested it with a PNG file type as well and the same error pops up. However, the file size isn't too big (see second image below).

                File to big.PNG


                3. I tried it in Firefox and Chrome (both are up-to-date versions), same error message.


                4. I have not seen users flag this issue, however plenty of posts include photos so I'm hoping it is limited to my account (which is an admin).


                I appreciate any insight that you or others can provide! I should also add that in our community, the insert image is not a landscape icon as it is here but rather this:


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                Helen Chen

                Laura - We've seen a similar situation in our community with specific users. It wound up to be related to a browser plug-in.  Here's how to troubleshoot if this is your culprit:

                • Ask someone else to post your image in a test space or just to a draft doc that gets deleted.
                • If that works, you can try posting using a different browser.
                • If that works, start going through the original browser's plugins and turn them off one-by-one.  You may need to refresh the page each time you turn off a plug-in. 


                Good luck!

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                  Hello community- I am still having the same issue. When I try to upload an image that is below the size limit, it still says it is beyond the size limit. The image is a screen shot of a document, tweaked in gimp, flattened, and exported as a png. Please help! Plug-in issue wasn't the culprit and I tried on several different browsers. It's ironic because even without reducing the size of the below screenshots I can still upload them here.


                  image issue again.PNGimage issue again2.PNG