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    Can I mimic the "Follow" button using HTML/JS in a Tile/Widget?

    Jordan Dayton

      I'm reviving this question that has come up a few times in the community but never had a conclusive public response.


      Space InstructureCon 2016  Canvas Community 2016-07-26 13-45-02.png

      We would like to mimic the functionality of the "Follow button" on a custom button that we create with an HTML Tile/Widget. Is it possible that we can use the same html/js code to have our custom button act in the same manner as the Follow button?


      USE CASE: Sometimes people do not notice the "Follow" button in a space, and we want to draw more attention to it. Other times, we might want to put one or several buttons on a space that allows people to quickly follow other spaces in the community.