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    Completing events in Quests is not user friendly




      We are using Jive-n cloud version for our departmental intranet and team collaboration and we would like to create more Quests to guide and educate users. Here is the thing: if one of the events in the Quest is for example, “Follow Digital Think Tank”, (a place in our community) and some-not all- of the users completing the Quest are ALREADY following Digital Think Tank will they get the check mark if they navigate to this place or do they have to go there, unfollow and then follow again to mark it off the list?


      I’ll avoid using “follow DTT” if current followers have to unfollow and then follow-BUT it reveals a huge flaw in the Quest experience and I haven’t found a good way to work around it other than avoid events that may create this problem. Since we have folks that may elect to do Quests after they are already participating in the community in some way - this future triggered only event is not a very slick way to reward them.


      Any feedback or thoughts on this functionality?

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          It's not retroactive so those already following will not get the checkmark. They would have to unfollow then refollow for the event to trigger in the quest checklist.  To be fair, this is expected behavior and is also how it works with Bunchball (Advanced Gamification Module). Once you have that quest active, the system starts to filter actions looking for that specific event. You do the action, it triggers the event.