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    Lost ability to search for links when hyperlinking

      I'd be shocked if we are the only customer who is disappointed by the recent upgrade taking away the ability to search for content to hyperlink to, while creating content.  Until now, we could search for content by name and instantly hyperlink it, but after the upgrade, we have to manually copy the URL from the content we want to link to (presumably another open tab/window), and paste that into the URL field.  While it certainly will work, this is a much less sophisticated, easy and useful workflow.  Does anyone else have this concern?  Can we get this feature back?


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          Hi Corey,

          We did release a more simplified Insert Link editor in 2016.2. This allows you to do things on the embedded link such as unlink, url editing, auto titling, and opening the url - even when in content edit mode. However If there is a document that you would like to search, I would recommend using the @mention feature. This will allow you to search for people, places and content while editing your text.

          Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 8.39.28 AM.png


          Hope this helps.

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            You're not the only customer who's shocked Corey. As someone who manages a knowledge base that has links all over the place, this is in a HUGE issue for me. The @mention function simply DOES NOT WORK for us with content with lots of links. It takes a lot longer to find content and involves a lot of additional keystrokes. Plus if we don't want to add link text that is exactly the same as the document name, we have to go into the HTML to change it.


            PLEASE JIVE: I can understand your need to improve functionality, but removing what is already there is not meeting that goal.