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    Does anyone have any "External Contributor" Governance Documents to share?


      Hi all,


      We need to decide what governance guidelines we need to create, which outline how people should use the external collaborators/users functionality. We have already conducted testing this functionality, and have positive results to work with. We are now looking forward to using the external group’s functionality that allows users to invite external parties to participate in groups on an internal community. Before we are able to turn this feature on, we are looking into the governance side of things. We would like to create 3 documents:


      • Terms and Conditions/Usage Policy for INTERNAL GROUP OWNERS
      • Terms and Conditions/Usage Policy for EXTERNAL USERS
      • Rules & Guidelines for COMMUNITY MANAGERS


      Does anyone have any documentation created for their own community (T&C's etc) that they would be willing to share, so we can get a good idea how to build our own governance documents?


      Any help would be much appreciated!