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    Issues with opening CSV, TSV and TXT files in Excel


      I have raised a support case on this, for the second time. The last time I had the problem, support had me completely remove Jive for Office  (and Outlook, incidentally) from my computer and reinstall. This only very temporarily resolved the problem and for SURE isn't something any of my users would bother with. They would simply remove Jive for Office and be royally pissed off that it interfered with them getting work done. This is why I'm posting here - hoping to get a better resolution.


      So here is the issue:

      • Receive a file from someone else, or download a file from CMRs
      • Save a file to my hard drive (TSV, CSV or TXT)
      • Open Excel
      • Find and click to open the file
      • Go through the conversion process, where everything looks fine
      • File fails to open, Excel crashes and asks to restart
      • As it is restarting, it says that Jive for Office conflict was the reason for the crash, and should it now be disabled
      • I of course opt NOT to disable it
      • When I try to open the same file again, I get a warning that it crashed the program last time and do I really want to continue


      In the past, I have periodically had luck retrying the conversion. I've also had luck sometimes renaming the file (or so it seemed). But inevitably I reach a point at which nothing works any more and I can no longer convert these files. Which doesn't work for me. And not being able to use Jive for Office ALSO doesn't work for me.


      Yuval Twig - I'm hoping that someone on your team can dig in and help resolve this in a better way this time. A temporary fix to make it so I can open the current file would be great, but I really want a longterm solution so I don't have to revisit this yet again.


      I'll share the support case with you so that you can see the complete thread.