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    What means create?


      After 4 years with our Jive instance we go now through a big cleaning exercise. We tried to do this via the community manager reports. Seems pretty straight forward, export to an xlsx and based on the views and creates we narrowed down some 1200 places that had no activity and these ones

      seemed good candidates for archiving.





      Fortunately we tested a few places and realised that some of them actually have quite some content.


      My question now: what means create and why does the CMR show zero creates, when there is content in a place?

      (or does that mean, if I run the query for the last year (1.7.2016 - 1.7.2015) that content creates only show if created during this time span and everything created before 1.7.2015 is not shown?)


      thanks for any support




      Cristina Guardamino

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          Jill Ross

          Hi Peter,


          I believe your assumption is correct; the CMR's only capture the Creates within the time period you select for the report. If all of the content was created prior to 1.7.2015, then your Creates would be at zero.



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              Thanks Jill...I was afraid this will be the answer. 4 years of Jive, 3600 places (everybody has the freedom to create groups, but only admins can craete sub spaces) how would you clean out? Based on views? Is there any way to get the full picture?




              I am a huge fan of JIve but at times....

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                  Jill Ross

                  It's a manual process, but for Groups (usually messier than Spaces), I look at Browse -> Places -> Groups, then sort by latest activity (oldest first) and look at the owners. Email or DM with a generic message asking if they still need the group and/or its content. Give them a deadline to respond... if you don't hear from them, just delete it. I find a lot of Groups don't even have any content, so I delete them if they're a few years old automatically.


                  Not sure if there's a way to export ALL places (all time), sorted by date of last activity, with a field for Group admins when applicable. I know it's not available via CMR. Would be nice though!