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    Jive hosted apps and access  to the parent window via js code in Jive Cloud


      We have recognized that all jive hosted apps (html/css/js) are running in a different domain in Jive Cloud. Jive 8 runs the js code oft he  in the same domain


      Example Jive Cloud:

      • Preview.jiveon.com for jive platform
      • Apps-preview.jiveon.com for jive hosted apps


      Example Jive 8:

      • Preview-jive.fme.de for jive platform
      • Preview-jive.fme.de for jive hosted apps


      Is there any feature in Jive Cloud to allow access of js code running in apps-preview.jiveon.com to the window of preview.jiveon.com?

      Jive Hosted apps don´t allow oauth, right?