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    How can I restrict max participants in Private Messages?




      How can I restrict the maximum number of participants a user can add to a private message? And is there any way I can remove participants that were added to the thread that no longer wish to be included in the conversation?


      Currently we are set at a maximum of 100; which I am assuming is the default. But you can imagine the large, almost unmanageable number of responses received if all participants respond just once, let alone respond back and forth to one another.


      Thanks in advance for any comments and advice.


      -Stacey Witkowski

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          Hi Stacey,

          Unfortunately there is not a built in option to be able to change the number of maximum users that can participate in a private message. If a user does not wish to receive updates, they are able to Hide new Activity:

          Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.31.41 PM.png


          However your team might consider creating a discussion with Specific People, instead of using a private message. This would allow you to limit the people on the thread, it would also allow you to have more tools/options with the the text editor.


          Hope this helps.

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              Thanks for the comment John Decker. I'm aware of the "Hide new activity" feature and use it quite often; I thought there may be functionality built into Jive on the admin side, where I would be able to restrict the number of participants in private messages (similar to the settings that allow me to require users to be connected to send a private message to one another). 100 participants is quite excessive. Unfortunately your second bit of advice would prove to be rather difficult (my team consider a discussion with specific people), because our Jive Community is not used internally by employees but by our students.


              Some of them use the messaging feature as a way to "IM" one another. What inevitably ends up happening however, is there will be several students that no longer wish to be on the thread. There is nothing preventing them from being added to the thread, and there is no way for those individuals to remove themselves from the thread. The bigger issue is the large number of emails that this amounts to. However, these users don't wish to turn off email notifications for private messages, because someone from Penn Foster may send them a message (myself, Instructors, etc.) and they want to be notified immediately.


              Thanks again for your comment!


              -Stacey Witkowski