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    Using Blogs For Communicating


      I recently converted our Jive-n instance homepage to a News based one. The approach is for staff to use blogs as a means of sharing updates on their work, what it means for the org and others - like a real-time newsletter. Then the streams are set up so these blogs are promoted in a few streams.


      I was expecting that this change would also help increase visibility of blogs and blog metrics would go up. But I haven't seen this happen yet!


      Some background / key points:

      • I have a total of about 350 users
      • The highest read blogs by unique views is around 50% of users - these are the CEO blogs (we got a new CEO 2 months ago and these also get sent as an email) and ones of human interest e.g from HR or about people or on cultural holidays. The more "fun" stories which are not business-critical.
      • Average unique views is so low - only about 14%!


      Blogs have also helped forced the behavior to regularly share updates on work in a more open way (instead of targeted team email lists) so the approach is to share both business-related and fun stuff. We have no other internal staff newsletter so this is the best way to share updates.  But a 14% reach is too low to call this a success.  It's hard to compare to email metrics since those are unknown.


      How have others overcome this challenge? Is it a bi of a content issue - and therefore I should gear stories towards the personal/fun type, or are there other functionality issues I can address like making sure people are following + in inbox; preferences are switched to send emails, etc.

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          We are a very large company. We use blogs for our executives as well. However we already have a separate "employee portal" that our users all go to daily to get internal company news, etc. (We made this page the default load page on their browsers). The Jive blogs are then added as news stories on the employee portal page, with a title, brief hook line, and link back to the Jive blog (a picture of the author or something representing the topic is usually included too to get their attention.).


          As a result we get pretty good readership. In some really important cases (like a big announcement from CEO), an email is also sent with a synopsis and link to the blog for details.


          It is kinda funny that the communication world assumes if they send in email it is read, but we all know that's not really true.  With a Jive blog, you actually get to see who read it. It can be disheartening to realize how many folks don't read it. In the end, people will only go view the content if they think it's interesting or something they need to know. So the "hook line" to get them to go read it is very important.


          For us, incorporating the blog into our long time existing employee portal worked the best. This way it was not a new place to have to check in addition to the portal and email they already use.  Sounds like your trying to establish the news page as your "employee portal". If that's true it will take time for folks to adopt it. (Again setting as default page when browser is launched was how we did it.)  If there is already a different place like this, then I recommend integrating the blog into that place instead.  Go to where your readers already are rather than create yet another place to look if at all possible.


          Hope this helps,

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