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    org chart



      We recently enabled the Org Chart. The Org Chart is accessible through View Profile but not when clicking on Org Chart on the left hand navigation. The error states ' There's no one here, Click All to see more people', but there is no 'all' link or button.

      Please advise.



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          Hi Greg,


          Reviewing through the message pictured above, the reference to "all" is referring to the following link:



          However, as you are not seeing an org chart present in your "people" tab this appears to be an issue we are tracking as JIVE-74390. To confirm, you should be able to refresh the page pictured in your screenshot to surface the org chart.


          If the org chart them appears and you would like to track and receive updates on this issue, please submit a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community and the next available member of our support team can assist in linking and providing updates to your regarding this bug.