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    "Certifying" content posted by partners

    Geoff Davenport

      Hi All - my org is brand new to Jive.  In our soon-to-be launched community, we want to encourage our partners to submit, share, and discuss curricula for youth work.


      We will be coaching people in the creation if high-quality curricula.  What we want to build into our community is a way to "stamp" high-quality submissions as "certified" (or something similar), as a way of showing they meet our criteria for excellence.


      There are probably several ways to go about this.  I'm wondering if anybody has similar functionality in their community, and how they would recommend doing it.


      Ideally, certification would come with a strong visual indicator - so people can easily see that particular content has been "certified".  I'd also love for users to get points for "certified" content.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Billy Volpone

          Hi Geoff! Great use case and we're excited to see how this community grows over time. Specific to your question, we have a couple ways out of the box to do this. The first is a feature we call "Structured Outcomes". The most common markers for this are the ability to quickly stamp content with an "Official" or "Outdated" mark. As you use this, it will also impact how search results show up... boosting Official content towards the top and Outdated content down lower.





          The other aspect you might like is "Promoted" search results. In the admin you're able to connect specific keywords/phrases with a unique URL. So each time someone searches for XYZ, a Jive piece of content of your choosing will show up in search as the 1st result and be clearly marked as "Promoted" in blue.



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              Geoff Davenport

              Hey Billy Volpone - thanks for such a quick response!


              I've been playing around with structured responses - I found this discussion here (Best Practices: Use of Structured Outcomes in External Communities ) and it seemed like the first place to start.


              That said, I'm having trouble making the outcomes prominently visible.  For example, when viewing a document that I marked as "Official", the only indication is some small text at the very top that I doubt my users will notice.  Example:




              And when I view this document in Activity and Content, I don't see any indication at all that the document has been marked "Official".  Examples:



              Is it possible to make the "Official" status more prominent, so my users will notice it?  Or maybe I'm missing something in the configuration?



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                  Billy Volpone

                  Geoff, you are correct that the markers aren't huge, but we did make sure they were top and center. Other than just rely on that automatic marker, you could always put a specific marker/picture in the document itself, at the beginning. This would be manual, but always an option. Another thing that I've seen community managers do is leverage our 'Categories' feature or a 'Super list' tile to call out specific content, such as Official or important content. Within any group, you can create any number of Categories and then associate any piece of content with them that you'd like, thereby allowing users to have a one-click filter into something far more specific. With our 'Super list' tile, you can basically take any pre-filters content (ie: go to the Content page and filter by documents, then Official content) and use a unique code to create a custom list to showcase on a landing page.


                  Using the Super List Tile


                  These are just a few ideas for you. Hopefully some of them might help.

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                      Geoff Davenport

                      Thanks Billy for the follow-up. 


                      I discovered that when I disable Content Evolution, the markers for Structured Outcomes are much more prominent (e.g. brightly colored).  It would be super-helpful of that type of formatting was added to Content Evolution.  I created an Idea for this: 


                      We need the "official" content to be marked/stamped/approved by internal users.  I don't think categories can be restricted in this way, right?  Effectively read-only privileges for certain categories for certain users? Maybe creating a page that pre-filters will do the trick.  Or we could restrict "official" content to a single content type (probably Documents) and require moderation for all of those submissions.

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                          Billy Volpone

                          Love seeing the idea post, keep that up! Specific to categories, you're correct. While only you control what those categories are and how many there are, anyone that's allowed to author within a space/group can mark said content with any category they deem appropriate (much like tags). Your permissioning ideas work for your needs though as well, specific to docs only be created by internal users or needing approval. The super list widget might work for showcasing easily though, or just simply use the "Featured Content" tile to make the key things front and center. The "official" and "outdated" markers really are only one small way our community managers showcase important items. Take a look at Macmillan's teaching groups and how they showcase on those landing pages and sub-pages:


                          The Psychology Community | The Macmillan Community

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