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    Change email name for Jive updates to SugarCentral


      Currently daily update emails coming from Jive N have a from email name of "Jive". This can be changed as a Jive configuration. Can we pllease change it to "SugarCentral".  We want all are users to see the SugarCentral name as thats how we branded it.



      Details on my issue are here.


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          Hi Matthew,


          Reviewing through your inquiry the answer will depend on the specific version of Jive you are running in your instance.


          Jive 8 - You should find this option in your admin console under the system >> settings >> email server tab

          Jive Cloud - Please submit a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community and the next available member of our support team can assist in making this update on your behalf.