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    Direct Message Form Tab Error


      Hey Jivers,


      a found a strange ui behavior in the direct message form. Follow this steps:

      • Open a direct message form
      • Place the cursor in the subject line
      • Press tab
      • Now the cursor is in the text field


      When you start writing you see the text is gray until you press space. Then the written text is deleted. Now you can write more text that is black and works normally. You can send this text fine. But if you don't and delete the current text and put the cursor back into the subject line you see - surprise - the old gray text again


      For me this seems to be some javascript placeholder polyfil that's not triggered when you tab into the textfield. Only for mouse clicks and when you press space.


      You can reproduce this in the current jive community version. I'm using Chrome.


      Do you see this behavior, too? Is this a bug?