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    RecentContentWidget: Empty "More"-page on empty parent space with subspaces full of content


      Hey Jivers, Hi John Decker


      i found another behavior that does not feel right. It happens with a space that is completely empty but has subspaces with plenty of content. I placed a recent content widget on the parent space's overview page and configured it to include the content of it's subspaces. That works great for the initial page load but fails when clicking the "More"-button. This will not load anything new and just hide the button.


      The reason seems to be that on the initial page load the widget is considering all subspaces (not in a perfectly correct way as we saw in Missing "More"-button on RecentContentWidget, but it has already been taken care of ) but the ajax call which is triggered when clicking "more" is not. I followed its path down the rabbit hole and found a db statement that is only considering the parent spaces content.


      I was able to fix this by setting the "recursive" flag in the RecentUpdatesAction.getContentIterator() as this is already part of the action and contains the correct value:


      Only this lines seems to be missing.


      Can you confirm that this is a bug? Is it already known or maybe even fixed?


      I'm currently on JIVE