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    External Contributors - Accepting Only Business Email Addresses




      We are just about to turn on the external users functionality on our platform.

      For security reasons we want to only accept business email addresses (No Gmail, Yahoo etc), when accepting external users into our platform. We know that this can be done manually, however we want to know if we can change some settings so that it automaically only accepts business email addresses?


      If this is not the case, is there perhaps an Ad on we can pay for that would allow us to restrict certain email addresses, only allowing professional ones?


      Please let me know.




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          Unfortunately I don't think any feature exists today that can do a blacklist of domains for external users.


          As far as I know this is also out of scope for an addon due to what the API can do.  Possible that there is something that could be done but a doubt it.


          That leaves a customization or plugin approach which is not an option with a cloud install. 


          You should probably talk to your Jive support about options.  May be something they bake into the cloud features in the future.