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    Does anyone have experience with Content Strategy Consulting?


      Hi all!


      I was wondering if anyone has any experience with a content strategy makeover? We're looking into bringing in a consultant to do an audit and help give us clear guidelines of what type of content should go where. Right now we're dealing with having many "places" that house content: Box, Jive, our internal portal, salesforce, and on and on. Has anyone dealt with something like this?


      I'm just looking for some perspective about the process and figured this would be a great resource to get help!







      FYI Rebecca Burgess

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          Hi Sara,


          There are several consulting companies that can assist you:


          - Paladin Group, formerly JCS Consulting (shameless plug for us )

          - Social Edge Consulting

          - 7Summits

          - and of course Aurea Professional Services


          All four of these companies have worked with hundreds of Jive customers on hundreds of communities both standing up new communities, performing audits, redesigns and relaunches of existing communities and assisting with training and marketing efforts to re-invigorate communities that have become stagnate.

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              Hi John,


              Yes, we used Social Edge for our Jive Implementation, but I'm talking about a broader, enterprise-wide audit of content that has a scope beyond the community. By the end of the audit we're looking for a clear guideline and documentation of what types of content we own should live in different areas of the organization and in our different tech platforms. If Social Edge offers this type of service I'd gladly reengage with them. I wasn't 100% expecting that I'd be able to find my answer from the JC, but I just know that this is a large network of professionals and companies who are doing interesting things and I figured that this would be a decent place to ask.


              But, thanks for your answer!



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                  Patty McEnaney

                  I highly recommend Hilary Marsh of The Content Company. She focuses on exactly what you are looking for.



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                    Ah - sorry I thought you were considering only your community content organization. This is the right place to ask and I expect you will get some good recommendations.


                    I can't speak to the other professional services groups but at JCS we do much more than just Jive; we have experience across the entire organization including different content types, lines of business and applications. We spent 30+ years in IT departments handling all of the data needs for multiple organizations before founding JCS.


                    We are a Box consulting partner and Box Platform partner (one of only six so designated), we are a Salesforce registered partner and a Microsoft Partner. We have deep experience in all aspects of content organization whether it is on Jive, Box, SFDC, a CMS platform, an ERP system, SharePoint, a document management system or just plain old legacy shared hard drives scattered around the organization (whether NAS or server attached). We have experience with Eloqua (a marketing automation package), have deep experience with Marketo, and have worked with ServiceNow, Zendesk, Documentum, SAP, Oracle, BaaN, Microsoft Dynamics... a long list. We have worked with customers to develop Information Architectures that take into account not only the new cloud systems that they are migrating towards but also maintain appropriate connection to the legacy systems that might need to remain within their own data center.


                    i know that 7Summits also partners with multiple vendors but I don't know exactly which ones.


                    Best of luck!