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    How to determine contentID or placeID immediately from URL


      Under the assumption that we want to determine the underlying contentID or placeID of the location the user is at without having to wait for the entire DOM to load and place internal attributes onto nodes to be scraped and analyzed...


      How can I take the URL and throw it against the Jive V3 REST API in order to have it get back a single hit that show the contentID -OR- the placeID (ie, it should be intelligent enough to know without me having to analyze the URL structure)


      For example, I know that Jive Documents (a content type) follow a: <host>/docs/DOC-<documentID> pattern. But other content like polls and discussions don't follow a similar pattern. And places can include subspaces of subspaces, making the URL additionally nested.


      So is there a simple way to retrieve a unique identification of the content/placeID from the URL? Or do I have to wait for the DOM to load and then introspect a particular item which was possibly given a value that would let me identify the page as being content or place, and provide its respective ID?