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    Jive rest API 3.11: get value of jive_label Biography from persons profile




      after an update to jiveVersion, the Biography in a persons profile is not provided in the json response anymore.


      Example json response after update:

        "jive" : {

          "enabled" : true,

          "external" : false,

          "federated" : true,

          "lastProfileUpdate" : "2016-01-19T07:04:13.758+0000",

          "locale" : "en",

          "externalContributor" : false,

          "sendable" : true,

          "timeZone" : "GB",

          "username" : "test",

          "visible" : true



      In a previous version we were able to get the 'Biography' within profile as follows:


      Rest API call:



      Example json response before update:

      throw 'allowIllegalResourceCall is false.';


        "name" : {

          "givenName" : "Test",

          "familyName" : "Test",

          "formatted" : "Test Test"


        "location" : "Austin, Texas",

        "type" : "person",

      "displayName" : "Test Test",

        "tags" : [ "community", "developer", "java", "marketing", "jive", "collaboration", "apple", "iphone", "donne", "strategic", "teacher", "relaxed", "energetic", "learner", "mentor", "family", "communication", "entrepreneur", "texas", "theatre", "sandals", "volleyball", "dogs", "sudoku", "competitive", "movies", "untucked", "travel", "technology", "extrovert", "running", "ninja", "gamer", "autobot", "analytical", "sandwiches", "user_groups", "architect", "products", "jiveworld", "information_technology", "external_community", "jiveapps", "cmgr", "socbiz", "social_intranet", "regional", "custserv", "producteev" ],

        "status" : "Rock'n the socbiz in my favorite community tonight!",

        "published" : "2007-06-05T12:25:40.397+0000",

        "followingCount" : 321,

      "thumbnailUrl" : "https://community.jivesoftware.com/api/core/v3/people/32109/avatar",

        "jive" : {

          "timeZone" : "America/Chicago",

          "locale" : "en_US",

          "username" : "test",

         "profile" : [ {

            "value" : "Social Business Architect",

            "jive_label" : "Occupation"

          }, {

            "value" : "http://www.example.com",

            "jive_label" : "URL"

          }, {

            "value" : "I've been using Jive to solve both internal, external, and mixed-mode collaboration problems for over 3 years.  Implemented and/or upgraded practically every version of Jive SBS (formerly Clearspace) and released numerous high value plugins to the Jive Community.  Recently upgraded National Instruments to the Jive 5 platform, prior to transitioning to a new role at Jive Software as the Jive Community Manager",

          "jive_label": "Biography"

          }, {

            "value" : "Enterprise Collaboration SEO Email Deliverability Content Management Web Analytics Public Speaking Project Management Java certified Struts2 Freemarker Spring (IOC,MVC,Security) OpenSocial REST JSON SOAP JUnit JPA/JDO/JDBC JEE JSP Google App Engine RegEx Maven2 CXF JMS Commons JMeter JavaScript/jQuery HTML/CSS SQL JBoss Tomcat MySQL Oracle Postgres Eclipse IntelliJ TOAD GIT Perforce SubVersion Mac OS X RHEL/CentOS Ubuntu Office® Project® Visio® ",