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    How to make tomcat server externally accessible?




      I am using a tomcat server to host my tile war. In my local the tile gets deployed from the tomcat installed in my local.


      However when I deploy my war in a different machine I am not able to access that from my uat instance.

      In UAT I get the following error: "An error occurred while uploading Village package: Gateway Timeout The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server. Reference #1.376533b8.1470650486.2a7341e"


      I know my uat server is not able to reach out to my tomcat.


      Has anyone worked on making their tomcat server accessible from everywhere. (EXternally)


      I tried few settings in tomcat's server.xml

      <Connector port="****" protocol="HTTP/1.1"


                     redirectPort="8443" address="**.**.**.****" useIPVHosts="true" />


      But this has not worked so far.


      Please let me know If there is something I need to configure in my tomcat to make it accessible externally.


      Thanks a lot!