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    Persistent javascript

    Bryce Gilhooly

      Hey Jive Developers,


      Jive support recommended I reach out here to find a solution to have analytics JS persist globally across every page (content, places, people).


      As a Cloud customer, I am not aware of a way to have any type of JS persist across pages since access to our theme is rather restricted, to remain upgrade safe.


      I've considered importing the code through a widget, but since widgets that contain scripts are wrapped in an iframe, I don't see that being an option. I've also looked at similar options through tiles, but run into the same iframe restriction. Additionally we want to have this JS persist on content, where widgets and tiles are not an option.


      I'm also under the impression that any JS we try to persist across page load in the form of a cookie (or something) will be stripped upon the next page load.


      Has anyone encountered this issue before and come up with a cloud-friendly solution?




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          Scott A Johnson

          So it sounds like you are looking for a way to include a javascript snippet, such as a tag manager, to trigger analytics events on all pages of the site, in cloud?


          As a user/admin you can't do that, but as a super admin (like the Jive Support team) you're able to access the old Third Party Analytics admin console page. This page allows you to include a snippet of javascript to be loaded on every page for this very reason. Open a case in your private group and they should hopefully be able to help out.


          Hope this helps,


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              Bryce Gilhooly

              Yeah, that's exactly what we're looking to do. I also provided a proof of concept for implementation on our old (albeit 7.x) hosted instance using the analytics admin console page.


              I think I'll update my case and point to this discussion later today, but I am interested in seeing where this Jive App route could take us.


              Thanks for the insight, Scott.

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              Jonathan Block

              I saw a discussion somewhere (sorry, lost the reference), to using a custom-developed hidden Jive app to insert arbitrary javascript into every page without putting anything otherwise noticeable in the UI.  I'm very interested in using the same approach for some unobtrusive UI tricks we used in our previous intranet, but I haven't had time to do any experimentation yet.  If you do go this route and it works out, or if it turns out to be impossible to do, I'd appreciate hearing about your experience.

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