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    Restricting tagging in Jive-x?


      Ideally we'd like to restrict who can tag on a space by space basis. Failing that, we'd like to turn off tagging completely for some spaces. It looks like neither of these two scenarios are possible. Is this correct?

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          Hi Colum,

          You are correct, there is not currently a way to disable tags or restrict users from using them. If this is something you would like to see in future releases, I would recommend creating an idea for it here Ideas for Jive, this would allow other users to vote it up and help it gain visibility with our Products team. This document provides additional details on the the new process implemented for ideas,  Welcome to the New Ideas for Jive


          How It Works


          The Stages: New Idea | In Review | Not Planned | Delivered | Archive

          The Process:

          1. Customer submits an idea into the New Idea stage (new ideas are given 3 months to collect votes).
          2. New Ideas with a score over 50 will be moved into In Review. Ideas In Review will be reviewed by the Product Management Team every release for suitability to be implemented in that release.
          3. Ideas that do not have a score over 50 and are over 3 months old will be moved to Not Planned.
          4. Ideas that make it into the product will be moved to Delivered.
          5. Any idea in Archive can be resubmitted as a new idea. Archived ideas may also reviewed in the future whenever we are looking to develop specific feature(s).



          Hope this helps.