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    Search Filter Help!!!




      I am having some issue with the filter=search() parameter. I cannot get it to return accurate findings. My task at hand is that I am trying to search my entire site contents for specific content containing a specific URL. I want the search to only match the searched url and return nothing else. for example: if i were to make a call to the API such as " api/core/v3/search/contents/?filter=search(www.website.stuff.com/community/name/subhub/othersubhub)  " I will return data matching to just "name", "subhub", "othersubhub", etc or not even find the content containing the URL I am searching for at all. I know it's out there, but it the call won't pick it up... I want to match the provided parameter string I am searching for exactly rather than content that contains parts of it. I just need to find specific URLS and not every single item that contains a portion from the URL I am searching for. I've tried to URL encode symbols, surround in double quotes, and throw another filter on it such as place and recursively go through every place in my script for times when it doesn't find the URL at all and nothing is working....................