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    Copy / Paste formatted text bug in Jive-x


      Hi. I've uncovered a bug with copying / pasting text in a document, although I assume the same happens in other content types. Let me explain the scenario with the following image:

      jive bug.png

      The before state shows the document before the copy / paste function. What I want to do is copy the " in the required field" text in item 1, and add it to the end of item 3. So I positioned the cursor between "Password" and the period in step 3, and pasted. You'll notice that the pasted text adopts SOME of the formatting from the previous word. This is not even consistent as the bolding was not applied.


      I presume this bug is because the text is being added in the HTML before the end of italic tag. Although I haven't tested this, if italics was added before bolding, I'd expect any testing to apply the bold formatting instead. Just something to be aware of if testing this.


      Can you please confirm this is a bug, and inform your developers.