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    A housecleaning question - profile deactivation

    Toby Metcalf

      Good day everyone,

      I have been doing some deep dives into my community: its content and membership.

      I am finding members who have not logged in for a year or even more so.

      Do any of you deactivate accounts if they have gone inactive for a year or two?  Is this not worth worrying about?

      What do you do with old, aging, unused accounts.



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          We delete idle accounts (no content created) even if they are not yet deactivated. This keeps the number of users relatively low and also more free user names to choose from for new users. If one does really come back after multiple weeks being idle re-registering again to contribute is required.


          I think it does not harm to keep users forever or until they get deactivated. So you have a nice user count value and getting the number of new users is easy to calculate.

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