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    Question Reply has Advanced editor that enables attachment but Document Comment does not


      Does anyone know the reason why a question/discussion has a 'Reply' that allows you to access an 'Advanced editor' that enables attachments... BUT... a document has a 'Comment' that does not allow you to access that Advanced editor and attachment feature.


      This is a problem because many business requirements are documents but they also gather comments.... and people want to attach.


      Would it not make sense to align both 'Replies' and 'Comments'?


      Reply: (question)

      Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 8.33.09 AM.png


      Comment: (document)

      Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 8.34.33 AM.png

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          As far as I know, the Discussion is the only content type in Jive that allows you to attach files to a reply / comment. I don't know the official reasoning behind this, but here's what I tell our community members:


          • A Discussion is meant to be an exchange if ideas and information, which will sometimes (often) include the need to include an attachment in your reply. Think of this like you would an email exchange, where you might want to include an attachment in a reply
          • A Document is meant to be collaborative in nature, so if you have something you want to include in the Document, such as a file, you simply attach it to the Document and not to a comment.
          • A Blog post is (traditionally) the opinion / viewpoint of an individual, and comments should be your thoughts on the main point of the blog post. If you have your own ideas, a rebuttal, or whatever that you want to share, such as a file attachment, you should create your own blog post and then link back to that original post.


          This reasoning is, of course, based on the traditional definition of these types of activities / tools and doesn't necessarily reflect the way they are actually used in all communities. We occasionally get requests along the lines of "We would like [x feature] that [content type] has to also be available in [content type]." Some wonder why there are even different content types at all.

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              Thanks Brett. The member of our community who raised this has questions/answers AND business requirement docs generating feedback and conversations. His team need to add the attachment in the comments of the document rather than uploading files and linking. His argument was "why not just standardize (comments) across all content types". It looks like we are heading in that direction, but these discrepancies cause confusion. 

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                Thanks Brett.


                You are correct that (at the moment) Discussions/Questions are the only types of content that allow attachments. I presume that this is also because they are protected types of content, in that only the original author has access to modify the original item.


                I agree with your general reasoning, however, attaching a new file to the original document will separate the file being attached from the context of the comment that was added which might be many screens below.


                There are also other content types such as Ideas which also have this issue. Being able to add attachments to the comments of ideas would be useful so that others could provide different data or alternative solutions. While you could argue that an Idea is similar to a document, in that it should be a collaborative effort, the ability to vote something up and then have it change on you by someone else adding or modifying the attachments is not reassuring. Additionally, Ideas do not have versioning meaning any changes are opaque.


                Finally, because of the ability to restrict authors on documents, commenters who want to include an attachment on their replies will not be able to add it to the original document and will instead work around the issue by uploading the file to Jive and then linking the file manually. Jive should just make this easier and allow attachments in comments.

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                Hi Claire Richardson,

                I actually just raised this same question in the External space after my initial search didn't yield results (despite us asking basically the same thing).


                I found a post on this issue from 2013, and at that time it was deemed, 'working as designed'.

                They logged an enhancement request, which now shows as 'Delivered'.

                So what does 'Delivered' mean?

                I would think that indicates, they saw value in the ER, and introduced it to the product.

                However clearly as you and I are both looking into this issue, if it was introduced, there is a piece of the puzzle missing.


                I'm wondering if anyone can speak to:

                • What does 'Delivered' actually mean?
                • Is this feature currently available in Jive?
                  • If it is available, which versions is it available within?
                  • If it is available, do we have to do anything to enable it within our communities?


                It would seem that 'Delivered' implies it is now part of the product, but I'm not seeing that feature available.

                Here's where Jive has listed all 'Delivered' ER's... one would presume that means they are available.