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    'file' doesnt appear in stream..




      We launched our Jive intranet 2 days ago and have a few custom homepage streams set up. One of which is a 'business news' stream that our director will post updates in. The problem is, he's posted a pdf using 'create file' selection but for some reason choosing that option doesn't allow it to appear in the stream. this is actually pretty disappointing because the good thing with the file upload is that it becomes previewed in a large pane. My director has had to delete it, post again as a document (with an attachment on it) - this allows it to appear in the stream but doesn't give the better usability of previewing the pdf...


      Any idea how to fix this issue?





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          Hi Shelton,

          I can confirm that PDF files should appear in the news stream. A couple of areas worth checking to ensure the stream is set up correctly; ensure the place where the file was being created is the source for that particular news stream.


          The other tool that can be helpful for when content is not displaying in the stream is in the Admin Console > System > Settings > News - This will allow you to rebuild specific news streams.

          Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 3.53.14 PM.png


          If the issue continues to persists after these two things, I would recommend creating a case in your Private support group. This will allow our support team to review you specific environment and further investigate it.


          Hope this helps.