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    Data Export Service Activity CSV only returning actions deriving from Events


      A CM reported that the DES Activity CSV for her group was only returning results from 8/11/2016 to present -- since we went through the 2016.2 upgrade on 8/12/2016, the initial thought was it caused a problem with data (but the dates didn't really match up, clearly).


      As I investigated, I quite awkwardly stumbled on to the actual issue (which may or may not be tied to 2016.2) -- the Activity CSV for her group only recorded actions performed on/in Event posts.


      She posted her group's first-ever Event on 8/11/2016, which is why the Activity CSV showed actions starting on that date.


      I then confirmed DES is only returning Event-derived Actions in all spaces/groups -- assuming all, tested dozens in several instances to which I have DES access -- and I'm wondering if it runs across the board for all clients using the service.


      So, feel free to test and share if you're interested in whether or not you are also having this problem.


      Destination>Name>[Name of Space or Group]>Preview Data>Activity CSV:


      Activity CSV Event Issue.PNG


      Activity CSV Event Issue2.PNG


      While some Actions are not specific to Event posts, Column AB in the Activity CSV confirms these actions occurred within Event posts.


      I reported this issue to our support team and it confirmed this as a glitch, which it is working to resolve.