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    Scrolling through Multiple System Announcements

    Carl Samberg

      Is there a way to change the timing with which the system scrolls through system announcements when there are multiple active announcements?

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          Hi Carl Samberg,


          While there is not an out of the box way to modify this variable, if this is a feature you are interested in seeing available in a future release I would recommend submitting an idea to the Ideas for Jive space where our Product team pulls form top rated ideas when considering features for future releases.


          Alternatively, if you are interested in modifying this behavior in your current instance our Professional Services team can work with you to determine the scope of the project and assist in developing a potential customization for you instance. If you would like to pursue this option please either submit a case in your customer group or reach out to your account manager as a next step and they can get an engagement started for you.