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    Integrate with Docebo


      I want to integrate feed from an LMS called docebo into a Jive Community that I manage for my client. I've created an add-on in the client's jive-x (cloud) community. I've obtained the o-auth details from Docebo and created an Add-on in Jive-X. However, even after sharing the Add-on with other Jive Users, they are unable to see it in their Admin Menu.

      So, my query is:

      After creating the add-on, what should I do next to publish it so that I an insert the REST API Calls on Jive pages to obtain data from Docebo. Here is the Docebo API Integration documentation.


      Docebo LMS API Documentation and third party Integrations  


      Note that my query with Jive is:


      • How to publish the add-on so that it's visible to other users/admins in my community?
      • How to leverage the API Code on a Jive Sub-space or a Blog or a Document?