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    Tracking content reports


      Hi there,


      Curious is any other Community Managers have looked into this type of report:

      • I would like to see all content created within a community for a specific month.
      • I would like to see a report of all community content that shows the author.
      • My goal is to view a report on content created by author where I can exclude certain authors (i.e. the Community Manager)


      My question:

      • Is there a way to retrieve a report on content created by author?


      What I have looked into thus far:

      • The content leaderboard does not help in this scenario because it only highlights content by author based off of views. Therefore, it would not provide me an accurate report of all content created within a certain timeframe, but instead give me a report of all content in a certain time frame but based on top views.
      • Simply looking at the "Content" community reports only shows me the number of content types created but not who authored them.


      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you!