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    Document rendering broken when entering text "NIST-800-61" (JiveOn, JIRA Integration)


      We are experiencing a document rendering error when using JiveOn.


      When the literal text "NIST-800-61" is entered into a document, which is intended to reference the http://nvlpubs.nist.gov/nistpubs/SpecialPublications/NIST.SP.800-61r2.pdf NIST special publication, the saved document will only display the text "ST-800-61".  In fact, all text on same line as that string up to and including the "NI" disappears.


      Further exploration with this bug shows:


      Saved Text
      Rendered Text
      Hello NIST-800-61, nice to meet youST-800-61, nice to meet you
      How about LIST-100?ST-100?

      NIST-1-2  (specifically, "NIST-1" gets turned into a hyperlink to the ticket "ST-1" in our jira instance, and the "-2" suffix is retained)

      NIST 800 61NIST 800 61


      The behaviour for "NIST-1-1" seems to suggest the rendering fault is something to do with JIRA Integration.

      • Where a "ST-*" ticket exists, the text is retained and defaced by the JIRA hyperlink.
      • Where the ticket number does not exist, the text is truncated at the start.


      Editing the document always shows the expected text.