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    Is there a counter action to Bookmark?

    Robin Sorenson

      Curtis Gross, Nathan Howard,


      We have created a recurring mission for bookmarking a piece of content.





      However, there is nothing stopping a user from removing the bookmark and adding it to a single piece of content over and over until they've reached the daily points cap.


      We would like to program a counter mission with negative points similar to:




      The counter mission would remove the points they earned when they bookmarked something by awarding negative points in the same amount. I have tried two versions, and neither one was successful.





      Is there such an action, or can one be added?




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          Hi Robin,


          Not finding any specific remove action, I will open a request internally to see if I missed it. 

          One suggestion would be to 'rate limit' the amount of bookmark actions that can be done per minute and be rewarded.  Just set the time limit or the limit of the number someone can earn during a day to stop abuse of the point system.

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