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    What Permissions Settings for "Correct Answer"


      Hi- Our Support team will be moderating our discussion forums and I'd like for them to have the ability to "Mark as Correct" so they can close open questions and move on. Which permission setting does this fall under for spaces? I created a user group and ideally it is not the full admin panel access since they only need this one feature. Thoughts?

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          Libby Taylor

          Hi Marissa, unless I am mistaken, anyone can mark an answer as correct as long as they have "contribute" permissions. Sometimes when I am uncertain about how exact permissions play into the ability to do things (such as marking an answer correct) I create a dummy account that I can add to a permissions group, then edit the permissions. I login to the community as the dummy account (usually in a private browser, so I can still act as the sysadmin as well) and then tweak the settings until I see the exact functionality that I want. You might want to try it to make sure you get what you need with "Mark as Correct".

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            First off, we are on hosted, Jive 8, so I know little about Jive-X permissions and how they map to hosted.


            On a hosted instance, in addition to the user that created the discussion/thread, the only person by default that mark the thread correct is the platform Admin


            a Space Admin.


            I just tested this out theory out with my test account (basic account I use that has no special rights assigned).



            Did not work as expected.


            But this did work:



            Again, at the Space level (Admin Console->Permissions-Space Permissions) not the platform level.


            Hope this helps.



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              We're on Jive 8 on-prem, so ymmv....


              In a Space, anyone with Moderate rights can mark a reply as a Correct Answer. Those with Create rights can mark a question they ask as correct, someone with Contribute rights can not mark a reply as Correct.

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                We had the same question (on JiveX). It looks like only Admins and the original poster can mark a reply as correct, which makes sense. Admins should know if answers are (officially) correct and the person who asked the question could mark an answer correct that worked for them.