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    Upgrade from Jive SBS


      Greetings!  Our group is in the process of upgrading our Jive SBS from version to  Our production environment currently runs on one node without any performance problems.  From the documentation I see that a minimum of 6 nodes with various functions is the recommended production configuration.   Is anyone else running a production environment on less hardware than the recommended minimum (i.e., from a single host??).  What are some issues to watch for aside from port changes??  If that's not a good solution, would configuring on virtualized hardware be a better solution?   I appreciate your time. Thanks!  -AR

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          Hi a12rodriguez,


          Reviewing through your inquiry, though the recommended/supported set-up is convered in Core Help. If you are interested in gathering additional information on a non-supported configuration, I would suggest checking out the following places, as other users might be running a similar configuration:


          - Internal Communities

          - External Communities

          - Developer



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            Hi a12rodriguez - as both a customer and more recently a consultant with experience migrating several communities from 4.X (and earlier) versions to Jive to the current platforms - if you try to "go light" on the hardware configuration there is a good chance that you will have performance and stability issues with the new instance. Although there are some servers that will happily co-exist on the same hardware there are others that "aren't really happy" to run together.


            The closer you can stay to the recommended configuration the happier you will be although this is very dependent on your community size... Number of users, transactions per day, external systems that are connected to your system.

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