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    Jive-x UI/UX - serious overhaul project needed?


      I sense that our community, which is quite loosely connected external business school alumni community, is quite a bit dissatisfied with Jive-x out-of-the-box UI/UX.


      Our use of Jive is likely to be quite dissimilar to probably more often use of Jive for intranets, where, I would think, employees are often expected to use Jive at work on a daily basis, so they have to learn the technology they are provided with.  Our alumni members often find Jive not being intuitive to navigate, rather hard to find content and rather complicated in general.  In standard design of streams and groups/spaces, on a page there is often more white space than content, unlike the designs widely used social collaboration platforms, such as Facebook (with "Facebook at work" coming out this Fall) and LinkedIn, there is still limited use of images and videos (previews), etc.  In our community, members often vote with their feet - when they do not like what they see, they leave (or do not connect) and often do not even express openly their concerns. Many of them would then go and create LinkedIn/Facebook groups instead of Jive, suggested by the business school. The need for the community is there, but learning cure, required to become at ease with for Jive often becomes prohibitive.


      I realize that there are many ways and tools to re-design Jive-x standard UI/UX in a specific community, utilize HTML widgets, tiles, etc., which is significant task for community management team and often requires specialized expertise in design and HTML.  There have been quite a few UI/UX improvements in Jive 2015.3, 2016.1 and 2016.2 releases, with new blog/event designs, personal profile re-design, etc., but we feel that there is still a lot to be done to make Jive much more user friendly.


      I was wondering, what does community think about Jive-x standard design?  Are there potentially similar concerns?

      And whether there is any internal project at Jive for further Jive-x serious UI/UX overhaul?


      Thank you for your comments and suggestions!


      PS: The topic was initially posted in Ideas for Jive and moved here

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          Hi Igor,


          Any chance you can provide some examples of where your users are finding the out of the box UI/UX lacking?


          Thank you for the post, we can always use feedback!


          Curtis - Jive Product

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              Hello Curtis,


              Thank you for your question and it is not an easy one, also given that I am not a designer myself.  I often just see that our users (who do not have an obligation to use Jive community for work purposes, for example) leave to create Whatapp group or FB group and not one on Jive, as they find those alternative apps/environments easier and more intuitive to use.  My first impression of Jive was exactly the same, when I was first introduced to the platform early in 2015.  My first desire was to completely change the layout of the main page, to make it look more like FB/LinkedIn.  We also talked with Matt Tucker about this topic at Jive user conference in Munich last year.


              Some other elements of UI/UX that our users find frustrating:

              - use of space.  There is often a lot of white space on the screen (in Recent Activities, for example).  Maybe the answer is that Jive tries to occupy entire screen width, while LI/FB are formatted for narrow screen and do not resize.

              - use of images and previews. Designs are becoming more and more visual, as opposed to text based. In Jive, for example, if I share a picture, posted in a group, to another group, it shows as text link, not as preview any more.  Please see below.


              Screenshot.pngScreenshot (1).png

              - group/project level menus can not be adjusted/simplified, there is confusion between use of spaces and groups, there are two different calendars in Projects and in Groups, replies to discussions from Outlook come with long tails of unrelated text, etc.

              - there are many other little details, similar to the ones above, which make overall user experience quite challenging (especially, first impression)


              Jive is very flexible and lots of cool things can be done with the technology, but the learning curve is quite steep and this, from my point of view, makes use of Jive technology quite challenging, especially for loosely knit communities, like ours.  We appreciate the flexibility, and, at the same time, would value simplification and straightforward navigation for users.  Maybe one possible answer could be to hide advanced features behind toggles and allow for really simplified and straightforward UI/UX option for early stage communities with then gradually opening up more advanced functionality.


              I have also posted idea in Jive community, which may help you get more insight from other users:


              Happy to help, but, again, I am not an expert in UI/UX, rather sharing with you the user prospective.

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