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    Any update on plans for a Mac OS X Jive for Outlook and Office tool?

    Keeley Sorokti

      There are not currently Jive for Outlook or Office connectors for Mac OS. I found this idea that has been voted on many times by Jive customers: Mac OS X support for the office & outlook plugin. This enhancement request is currently under review. Until recently, Microsoft did not provide the necessary tools to make this a reality.


      The latest udpate from Jive in May 2016:

      MS recently released a new update that makes it finally possible to develop Add-ons on the Mac platform.

      The capabilities are not as powerful as plugins on Windows, but it is a start, and we plan to use it.

      We are in the stages of evaluating what's possible, and defining the product requirements based on the add-ons capabilities.  - Yuval Twig

      My Mac users are anxious to be able to use these two tools. Any updates on when Jive might be able to deliver them for Mac users?