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    Cloud 2016.2 maintenance update


      Hello all. I just received an upgrade notification and am trying to confirm that this is a maintenance or final build upgrade on 2016.2 Jive-X Cloud, and if so, what the upgrades and fixes are. I looked for info here 2016.2 Cloud Release | Upgrade Schedules: Jive-n / Jive-x Preview & Production Upgrades  but was unable to see details of the final build or maintenance updates. 


      Cloud Notification


      Your site will be upgraded this week at the date and time indicated below. Expected downtime is 30 to 90 minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact your Jive account contact or support. See our Schedule of Preview and Production Upgrades in the Jive Community for more information about the 2016.2 upgrade schedule.


      Upgrade Window
      September 06, 2016 19:00-00:00 PDT
      (September 06, 2016 22:00-03:00 EDT)
      (September 07, 2016 04:00-09:00 CEST)