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    Jive/Box integration Error


      Has anyone received this error when trying to configure the Box add-on for Jive?




      This happens after I add the credentials and click authorize. Thank you for any insight anyone can provide.

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          Which credentials are you using?   Jive or Box Integration enterprise account?

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              Hi allura,


              We are using box enterprise account which has co-admin privileges assigned on box side.




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                  There are very specific steps in setting up the Jive Integration User.  You may want to double check them:


                  To set up the Box integration user on the Box side:

                  1. Log in as the Box enterprise administrator.
                  2. In Box, browse to Admin Console > Users.
                  3. Create a Box user named Box Integration User. Make sure that Storage allocation (GB) is set to Unlimited. If that isn't possible, set it to the maximum allowed storage allocation.
                  4. Click Add User.
                  5. Select the newly created Box Integration User.
                  6. Under Edit User Access permissions > Co-Admin, make sure the User is granted administrative privileges over all users check box is selected.
                  7. Under User is granted administrative privileges , make sure you also select the following check boxes: Manage users, Manage groups, Log in to users' accounts, and Run new reports and access existing reports.
                  8. Save.
                  9. Log out and log in again as Box Integration User.
                  10. Browse to Account Settings.
                  11. On the Account tab, make sure that Account Information - Account type is set to Enterprise.
                  12. Navigate to the Content and Sharing tab and modify your settings as follows.
                    1. Set Enable external links to Nothing, restrict sharing.
                    2. Set Let link viewers to Preview and download the shared item.
                    3. Navigate to Collaborating on Content > Incoming Invitations and make sure the Automatically accept incoming collaboration invitations check box is checked. This ensures that as soon as a user joins the Jive group, the user is also added as a collaborator to the linked Box folder without needing to take further action.



                  The Jive Community official documents (last updated April 2016):

                  Configuring Box to Work with Jive

                  Setting up the Box Integration User

                  External File Storage in Box