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    Jive-x Cloud: How do I Extract Source IP information (for logged in and anonymous users), is this on DES Roadmap as not possible now?

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      Hello again everyone!  As follow-up to my post Jive-x Cloud - Extracting Community Analytics not in Out-of-Box Reports we are looking to extract IP information from the platform for logged in and anonymous community users for our customer and lead gen teams.  I investigated this with our community vendor via IP Address for logged out viewers


      Jive's response was as follows:  "The DES does not record the IP Address of the user. Neither does the Analytics Database. The only place you can obtain that consistently is through the Apache Access Logs. But there is no simple/automatic way to compare the jsessionid to a specific registered or unregistered user. It's a very manual and time consuming process."


      Wondering if anyone has come up against this challenge prior?  Any workarounds or third party solutions that may assist here?  Also, curious if this is on the DES Roadmap - I did just pose this question back to Jive.


      Cheers, Rob


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