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    My Jive Daily account is deactivated


      I can't reset and get an email that my account is deactivated. How can I fix this?


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          Hi Rosalie van Diermen,


          Looking at the subject of this discussion I see you mention an issue with the Jive Daily app, however looking at the email pictured above, it appears to relate to the Jive Chime app. For clarification, if you were using the free version of the Jive Chime app, you are seeing the expected beahvior as this service was discontinued on Sept 1st - Free Jive Chime Stand Alone Version: Product Update


          However, if you are seeing an issue with your Jive Daily app or if you had purchased the Jive Chime app for your instance, please submit a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community or reach out to your account manager as a next step and a member of our support team can assist in performing additional investigations into your specific Jive instance.