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    Weird error when attempting to comment on a blog



      Brian Sullivan was attempting to comment on this blog https://fuse.humana.com/community/sales/teams/broker-ga/west-region/blog/2016/09/06/the-choices-we-make-are-the-real-dif…  and received the error shown below.  Any thoughts on why he was unable to post his comment:





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          Hi Brenda

          I have seen this error before and it is related to SAML - The user loses their session with their IDP, then when they try to post they see that error.


          If you can have Brian re-authenticate with your IdP, this should allow him post comments on the blog. If after re-authenticating the issue persists, I would recommend creating a case in your Private Support group and share the timestamp and timezone for when Brian received the error. This will allow our Support team to review the logs for the provided time and look for additional errors.


          Hope this helps.