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    external-link.jspa broken in email

    mmclean@mdsol.com Novice

      Someone made a blog post with this link:


      This works fine if you are viewing the blog post within Jive.


      However, if you follow that space and get an email with the text of that same blog post, Gmail shows you this link instead:



      Is there any way to get the full links into email, instead of just the "relative" link?

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          Hi Matt,

          The full URL should be included in the email. I have been reviewing this behavior and I have not seen any reported issues surrounding it. Therefore to allow the Support team to further investigate this issue I would recommend creating a case in your Private support group with the Reproduction steps as well as the email and time when the user received the invalid link. This will allow support to review the outgoing mail logs of the provided time and determine if the issue is occurring on the Jive side or if the change is occurring on the mail-client side. Once determined support will be able to investigate accordingly.



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            jessicavallentine Novice

            Hi -

            Did this ever get worked out for you? We're having the same issue with basically every link that goes into an email notification!