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    Search functionality - limited


      External community managers,


      Were you aware that your search results included, by design, responses that appear grey or as if the entire thread is unanswered when in fact the thread could have a correctly marked response?  Maybe this is expected behavior for you but for us this was a big surprise.  We would expect that if a thread had a single message marked 'correct answer' then any search result from that thread would appear with the green 'correctly answered' check mark. 


      What does this mean?  it means it is possible to have many results to a single query within a search and for all except one of those search results appear to a end user as discussions with no way to discern the fact that the thread includes a 'correct answer' when the user selects to actually visit the discussion.  For an external support community such as ours, this is a fairly big deal because users are not finding 'corrrect answers' to their queries and are posting the same question(s) over and over in our community when they do not see a post answered. 


      This behavior would be acceptable if we users had the option to search only threads marked 'correct answer' and/or 'helpful answer' but this filter behavior does not exist in Jive.  Let's encourage Jive to make it so.  Even better would be if we could make this the default behavior of the search widget. 


      Please consider voting up   - an idea originally created by Tracy Maurer


      Thank you for your time and vote. 



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          Could you post a screenshot of what is grayed out, yet marked correct.


          I checked this afternoon and unanswered questions appear with the Blue Question Mark , while answered questions leverage the Green Check Mark.


          I tested and these toggle correctly when changing states. Are you looking for a way to sort answered questions to the top of the spotlight query results?


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              Michael - our community has a custom theme so that what you see with Blue is grey in ours.  Other than that, it is the same. 


              here is an example in our community - an original post from the question asker: 




              and the response from the person with the "correct answer"


              The threads are the same but only the single response from the end user (which does not appear when you search on the text of the title) appears with the green check mark.   The issue as I see it, is that Jive should allow some options here. 

              a) - only show threads rather than messages in the search responses.  This would appear much the way that "Browse Top Discussions"  widget or Answered Questions widget but with search. 

              b) - show all responses in search results (/messages/) but indicate in all of them that the original question has been marked 'answered' with a green check mark (in which case the example on top here would appear green too). 

              c) - allow for filtering of only correctly marked posts AND have the search results include the Title of the question included in the search.  In short - the second picture above would be returned if a user searched for "percentage of totals" (it is not returned currently by Jive since these words do not appear in the users response).


              Note that I met with a Jive Sales Consultant last night and it was suggested to play around with the Ask a question widget..  the problem with that one is that it initiates a new question to the community very easily and the user flow we would like is for users to review search results of  correct posts before creating a new post. 


              Hopefully that info makes it a bit clearer what I am bringing up. 


              I should note that our external community user behavior is primarily a made up of users searching google, finding a result in our community in search results, dropping into our site for a specific answer and then leaving.  90% of the users visiting are in this category and never use Jive search.  That said, search in the community with a 'answered' filter and searching just /threads (at least as an option) would get users to the best content quickly when using the search.  At least that's my 2 cents.  

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                  Billy Volpone

                  Patrick, it seems like your custom theme is maybe altering how the search is built to work, such as Michael shows above. The system is attempting to only show a single link to a thread and clearly mark it as unanswered or answered. Has your team thought about moving to Jive-x 9 this fall, and if so, opening up the new search view as it exists out of the box?


                  Another thought I had was that lots of community managers have created their own form of the "Ask a Question" widget/tile. They wanted what you stated above, to have it act almost as a combination of search and asking. So that there were lots of rich and organized results front and center and the "ask" part was below and only if needed... first step was still searching, that is. Take a look at what MapR or Republic Wireless did with these types of custom search bars on their landing pages:


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